Swartzberg’s ethical campaigns for ethical organizations comprise Campaigns healing, enlightening and enthralling the world:


Clean water for South Sudan

Commenced on: September 1, 2017

Objectives: Put an end to one of the world’s great “environmental and human rights disasters” by stopping oil companies’ contamination of the water consumed by millions of South Sudanese. A contamination causing death, deformities and illnesses of victims, and the pollution of the Nile, Sudd wetlands and other bodies of water; getting compensation for victims; bringing about remediation of the environment

Client: Hoffnungszeichen Sign of Hope e.V.

Accomplishments: Caused South Sudan’s parliament to launch inquiry and South Sudan’s environment minister to acknowledge crisis and to ask – at the UN World Environment Assembly – the world for help; unleashed worldwide media coverage. Built up a network comprising other indigenous peoples‘ suffering from oil pollution; induced perpetrators to negotiate with client

References: forsouthsudan.com (created by Swartzberg GmbH) |  Twitter: @hz_soh Hoffnungszeichen | South Sudan’s Environmental Justice Atlas | www.pollution.org


Young kids in South Sudan with contaminated drinking water



Commenced on: May 2011

Objectives: To make the entire world aware of and participating in the Stolpersteine. The international project of Holocaust commemoration (70,000 Stolpersteine in 1,600 cities in 21 countries) – and the largest, most democratic and decentralized such movement that the world has ever seen – by conducting public relations on an international scale; by organizing lecture tours in Europe, Israel and in the United States; and by reaching out to survivors of concentration camps, their families and other stakeholders

Client: Stolpersteine-Stiftung and Gunter Demnig, parent of the Stolpersteine

Accomplishments: Caused the world’s leading media to regularly and intensively report on the Stolpersteine, with this including the New Yorker, New York Times, Washington Post, Economist, Financial Times, Haaretz, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung and Süddeutsche Zeitung. Creating huge and powerful social media communities. (100,000 on change.org; large and active ones on Facebook and Twitter), going on and organizing highly successful lecture tours in Israel and Europe. Enlisting statements on behalf of the Stolpersteine from Chancellor Angela Merkel, President Frank Walter Steinmeier, Claude Lanzmann, Herta Müller and other leading political, cultural and religious figures. Positioning the Stolpersteine as the bulwark against a rising tide of racism and right-wing extremism.

References: WebsiteFacebook | Twitter: @Stosteimünchen | Change.org


Young children's hands touching Stolpersteine


Saving the climate

Commenced on: November 2013

Objectives: To cause consumers to become climate protectors and to thus enable the UN to realize its climate protection goals

Client: United Nations Climate Change Organization (UNFCCC)

Accomplishments: Creation of a news overlay providing essential, motivating information; formulation of content on the world’s environmental shakers and movers

Reference: UN Climate Change Conference 



Green aviation

Commenced on: October 2017

Objective: To transform air transport from a climate killer to a climate benefactor by fostering the use of green energy generation and supply systems

Client: International Association for Sustainable Aviation

Accomplishment: Facilitation and co-organization of successful kickoff event in Bonn; formulation of campaign concept (now being implemented)



Kippa experiment

Commenced on: December 1, 2012

Objectives: To show my fellow Jews that they are safe and appreciated in Germany, to promote understanding among religions

 Accomplishments: Terry Swartzberg: honored by the Government of Germany for civil courage (incorporation of kippa into permanent collection of the Museum of German History in Bonn), Germany-wide highly positive media coverage and speaking engagements; publication of book “With Chutzpah and Kippah”

 References: Website | YouTube |  Wikipedia 

A book about the kippah experiment of a Jewish man in Germany

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