Terry Swartzberg


The Stolpersteine: the world’s project of Holocaust commemoration

100,000 Stolpersteine in 1800 cities in 28 countries

Terry Swartzberg is a leading figure in the Stolpersteine movement


New forms of Holocaust commemoration

Faces for the Names: getting the world – and especially the young – involved in Holocaust commemoration

Terry Swartzberg created and stages Faces for the Names and other innovative forms of commemoration throughout Germany


Jewish life in Germany

Ten years of wearing a kippa in public

Terry Swartzberg: the force for a joyous, proactive and vigilant Judaism in Germany

Terry Swartzberg: honored by the government of Germany for his “civic courage”


Terry Swartzberg: answering the questions:

How do the Stolpersteine work? Who are they for? How have they changed society?

Do the young in Germany know about the Holocaust? How do we get them involved in Holocaust commemoration?

Are Jews safe in Germany and Europe? What is Jewish life in Germany like?

What’s it like wearing a kippa in Germany?


Terry on Wikipedia:


Terry’s TEDxTUM talk:


Terry on TED on ethical campaigning:


Terry’s kippa experiment: broadcasts and videos


Terry’s book “With Chutzpah and Kippah”


Terry’s play Tzaddhik

The Eternal Jew. The most righteous of the 36 Righteous. The performer of the world’s longest running play. Along with his mispacha.