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Led by Terry Swartzberg, the Stolpersteine organization in Munich placed for Stolpersteine for the following victims in 2021. Victim fate home in Munich Eugen Abeles murdered in Kaunas Reitmorstraße 53 Hermine Bach murdered in Kaunas Thierschstraße 25 Olga Benario-Prestes murdered in Bernburg Haydnstraße 12 Dr. Leo Benario died in München […]

Stolpersteine placed in Munich in 2021

Terry Swartzberg has been commissioned with the management of the “New Synagogue for Erlangen” project. The Jewish congregation in this city in central Bavaria has never had a synagogue of its own. Since being refounded in 1997, the congregation has conducted services on rental premises. Since being entrusted in late […]

Terry Swartzberg: New synagogue for Erlangen