i helped lufthansa – now it’s Payback time – Open letter from Terry Swartzberg to carsten spohr of Lufthansa

Dear Mr. Spohr,

About me:



I love Lufthansa. That’s why – as a glance at my Miles & More account reveals – have been a faithful customer for more than four decades.

Your airline is the best run and safest around. Even your vegetarian options are getting more tasty.

It was my appreciation of your airline that led me – also as a taxpayer in Germany – to wholeheartedly support the  rescue package given to you by the government of Germany.

It was this appreciation that has led me to refrain from claiming the refund of my tickets for flights cancelled by you at the beginning of the Corona crisis. And my disinclination to fly – doing my part for the climate!

I wish to make one exception to my anti-flying rule: early October in Israel – where I will lecture on the Stolpersteine and other forms of commemoration of the victims of the Holocaust, and attend High Holiday services.

As commemorative work is not at all well paid, I could really use the €1330 that you owe me. I contacted your staff with this request.

Unfortunately and inexplicably, they have not seen fit to respond. As the big boss, could you help me release my dream.

best wishes for a successful summer season

Your client, sponsor and friend

Terry Swartzberg

P.S. My E-mail to your people

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,

über mich und meine Wirkung


Corona und Klima-mäßig haben  wir bisher darauf verzichtet für folgende Fluge – von Ihnen annulliert – unseren Anspruch auf Rückerstattung zu stellen. Nun bitten wir Sie (wir lieben Lufthansa!!!) folgende Ticket zurückzuerstatten.

Ich bitte um Überweisung auf das Konto 10148088 bei der Stadtsparkasse München.

IBAN DE50 7015 0000 0010 1480 88


Herzliche Grüße