Past events

Workshops and events facilitated by Terry Swartzberg


Workshops and presentations on Judaism in today’s world

Ceremony of induction of kippa worn by Terry Swartzberg in the permanent collection of the Museum of the History of the Federal Republic of Germany

September 24, 2015

Ceremony honoring Terry Swartzberg for his “civic courage”


“For a joyous, embracive Judaism in Germany”

Lecture at the Museum of the History of the Federal Republic of Germany at Berlin’s Kulturbrauerei

May 4, 2017


Conference on pluralism in religion in today’s world

Keynote: Terry Swartzberg

October 26, 2016, Augsburg

Organizer: Peace Office of the Department of Culture of the Municipality of Augsburg



Workshops on the Holocaust and its victims, and their commemoration through the Stolpersteine

Next-generation commemoration of the Holocaust through art – and by young artists

Kibbutz Cabri, Israel, April 9, 2017

Sponsored by Munich’s Petra-Kelly-Stiftung and Stuttgart’s Leibinger-Stiftung, this project’s culminating workshop was staged in April, 2018 at the Gottesman Etching Center in Kibbutz Cabri.


Facilitated and organized by Terry Swartzberg, this workshop had the following parts:

Presentation by Gunter Demnig of his Stolpersteine project. There are more than 70,000 of these “stumbling blocks”. Found in 1,600 cities in 24 countries, Each commemorates a victim of the Holocaust, and each is placed in front of the building in which she or he lived prior to being dragged off to a death camp.

Testimony by survivors of the Holocaust. First-hand reports of their persecution and suffering. Very moving.

This presentation and this testimony in turn inspired the kibbutz’s students of the fine arts to take the visual identity and contents of the Stolpersteine and to render them in images meaningful to today’s world. The result: stunning works of art and commemoration.


The Stolpersteine: introduction to the world’s project of Holocaust commemoration

Workshops and events staged in Israel in 2017 and 2018


Government of Israel, Ministry of Education

For the guides bringing high school students to the death camps in Poland


Bar Ilan University

Professor Mirjam Rajner

Graduate program in religious art (twice, second time with Gunter Demnig)


Hebrew University, Jerusalem

Professor Galit Noga-Banai

Program for Yom HaShoa 2018 – commemoration of the victims of the Holocaust – with Gunter Demnig


University of Haifa

Professor Yael Granot-Bein

Graduate program in Holocaust Studies


University of Tel Aviv

Graduate program on the Holocaust in Poland

Professor Hava Dreifuss


University of Tel Aviv

High School of Fine Arts – with Gunter Demnig



Testimony on the Stolpersteine at Congregation Beth Shalom Munich

2014 Yom HaShoah 

2015 Yom HaShoah 

2016 Yom HaShoah 

2017 Yom HaShoah 

2018 December 7


Workshops staged by the Initiative Stolpersteine für München e.V.

At Munich’s Jewish Museum

July 22, 2014

June 20, 2018


At other venues:


February 7, 2013

Repüblik“, Ursulastraße 6, Munich


May 12, 2013

Grüner Salon, Tegernseer Landstraße 117, Munich



Commemoration and honoring of victims and protagonists in the post-Holocaust era

Conference, April 22, 2016, Münster

Lecturer: Terry Swartzberg



Workshops and conferences on the environment and climate change


Conference of the Parties 19

Climate change summit

staged by the United Nations’ climate protection organization:

The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change

Warsaw, Poland, November 11-22, 2013

Formulated communications concept and enabling content


Conference of the Parties 20

Climate change summit

staged by the United Nations’ climate protection organization:

The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change

Lima, Peru, December 1-12, 2014

Formulated communications concept and enabling content



Greener Skies Ahead

International conference on sustainable aviation

October 26, 2017, Bonn, Germany

Facilitated, co-organized by Terry Swartzberg



Green Spiders Conference

Berlin, Germany

September 24-26, 2012

Organization: European Union, Directorate General Environment

Attended by heads of communications at member countries‘ ministries of the environment

Subjects: best practices in communication of needs of environment and of climate protection; stakeholder mobilization, benchmarks and role models, use of social and other electronic media



Workshop on campaigning as a profession

University of Media Design, Berlin

May 11, 2017



Workshop on campaigning as a profession

Bavaria International School:
BeInspired 2017

October 13, 2017