Swartzberg Campaign Scorecard

an amalysis being conducted using a scorecard

Swartzberg Campaign Scorecard (SCS)

Be your best.

With this test.


Test your campaign – in 25 key areas.


Terry Swartzberg’s campaigns have become benchmarks for the world’s activists.


And that’s because they take on truly important, truly tough goals:

Saving the climate. Getting clean water to victims of oil pollution in Africa. Remembrance of each victim of the Holocaust.


And that’s because how Terry conducts these campaigns:

With the: fresh, highly-effective ideas and approaches | perfect planning and execution |and unflagging follow-up.

Required to win hearts and minds and to get coverage and commitment.


Their passion and precision of performance and great impact have made Terry’s campaigns the subjects of a large number of reports in world media, and of dissertations and other scholarly treatises.


And now Terry is offering you a way to profit from his experience in campaigning. He has taken the key findings of his decades of successfully campaigning – and concentrated them in the Swartzberg Campaign Scorecard.


Answer 25 questions, and you will know: where your campaign now stands, where it can and should go, and how best to get it there | how well your organization and its people are performing, how best to fully deploy your assets and correct your weaknesses.


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Now also available: Core Scorecard | 10 questions – 10 minutes to answer them | available free of charge from sayhi@swartzberg.com