Swartzberg’s new campaign: mobilizing support for clinics treating Corona patients in East Africa

Help Sign of Hope help Corona patients!


Dear friends


Corona is starting to sweep through East Africa, whose people are already afflicted with malnutrition, malaria, HIV and many other problems and diseases.

For many of these millions of people, the clinics operated and supported by Hoffnungszeichen Sign of Hope e.V. are the best – and often the only – source of treatment.

These clinics are now busy expanding their facilities to handle what will be a deluge of desperate people.

To that end, Sign of Hope has put together a powerful team. Its members are based at its headquarters in Konstanz, Germany, and at its offices in Nairobi.

And in Munich!

I am proud to be part of this team. I will be raising money and awareness on the international level.



This new assignment broadens my strong working relationship with Sign of Hope, with which I have been fighting for many years the “Black Tide” of oil pollution in South Sudan and in 99 other countries in the world.

The crippling effects of oil pollution upon human health – through the consumption of poisoned water – are one big reason why East Africans are so at risk to get Corona.

Zei gezunt!

Stay healthy!