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Fulfilling a great and growing need:

Workshops on campaigning from Swartzberg


October 21, 2018


“Never has the world experienced so many civilization-threatening, mutually-reinforcing crises,” states Terry Swartzberg. He adds: “Thus never has the world so needed campaigns effectively dealing with these crises.”


It is a need that Terry Swartzberg has been fulfilling over the past decades. Among his headlining campaigns:


     To protect the climate – for the United Nations


     To commemorate the victims of the Holocaust – as spokesperson for the Stolpersteine, which form the largest,

     most inclusive, most democratic project of commemoration that the world has ever seen


     To get clean water for millions of South Sudanese, whose land is being ravaged by a black tide of oil contamination


     For a joyous, unafraid Judaism in Germany – via Terry’s kippa project


     For understanding and mutual respect among religions


“In a very gratifying development, never have there been more NGOs and activists conducting campaigns to take on the world’s ills,” adds Terry.


To ensure that these campaigns achieve their objective, Swartzberg GmbH – Terry’s company – is now offering workshops and coaching on campaigns.


Campaigning workshops and coaching

Learn campaigning from Terry Swartzberg:


Four intensive hours

During which your organization uses the Swartzberg Campaigning Check-List to audit and identify its assets, delineate its network, clarify its objectives and enabling messages, and implement these in a trial roll-out.


Forty-eight intensive weekend hours

During which your organization and its campaign will be put to the ultimate test: our campaigning audit. Scorecards of objectives/degrees of attainment, of assets/degree of use, current/potential network, current/potential visibility, comparison of campaign with benchmarks and much more. Weekend concludes with trial roll-out and complete exhaustion.


Coaching by Campaign Doctor Mr. T.

Join the UN, EU, German government and state of Bavaria in calling on Campaign Doctor Terry for eyes-on and hands-on coaching of your organization a regular basis – with in-depth monitoring and implementation reports, pushes of topics, events and people needing contacting and covering.