Germany’s number one hit: a song about the Stolpersteine and the commemoration of the Holocaust

430,000 views on YouTube + 100,000s of downloads

A song about the commemoration of the victims of the Holocaust is on its way to topping the charts in Germany.

“Stolpersteine” chronicles rapper Trettmann’s encounters with the victims commemorated – via the Stolpersteine – in his street.

The song speaks movingly of their lives and fates, and of the message of the Stolpersteine: we will never forget!’


“This is incredibly gratifying, because “Stolpersteine” ensures that Germany’s young persons are aware of the Holocaust and of the need to commemorate its victims – via the Stolpersteine. The young’s support for the Stolpersteine is one huge reason why they have become the world’s project of remembrance and atonement,” says Terry Swartzberg, the Munich-based ethical campaigner.